Friday, February 17, 2012


I must confess to nurse Betty later today, that I am getting dizzy again.  I would have to bet it's caused by growth in the brain tumors.  And, there is now pain when I try to eat, although the strawberry ice cream was no problem.

I hate confessing to any kind of pain because I know they will want me to take some kind of pain killer, and they all mske me sick.  Oh well, though, I do still want to be able to eat, too.

Should be an interesting day ;)  Love and hugs to all!


  1. I am really sorry to hear this Tequila. Hope they can fix it. Feeling dizzy just sucks, nothing worse.

    I do so hope you can be feeling better for the weekend.
    My grandson is coming over, he has Monday off from school for presidents day, so it will be lively around here.
    Take it easy sweetie.
    Will speak at you again soon
    fay in the family room

  2. Fay, enjoy your time with the grandson!

  3. Hey sweetie, I noticed there is a thing on the right side of your blog that lets you know where all your visitors are from! Cool!! Did you see that people from all over USA and even Canada are reading your blog?!! I'm worrying about you so I didn't want to be a coward and not post. Im not insulting those who do not post, at all. I just do not want to be a passive onlooker in your journey. I feel as though God wanted me to see you here and share my heart with you, a fellow woman. :) Call me silly if you like dear, I won't mind one bit so long as you say it with a laugh... Aww shucks say it anyhow you like dear, I won't mind at all. I was wondering how the sights are and if they adjusted your meds yet and got you back to comfy?

    Can I share a link with you? It's a Christian guy who actually isn't a creep, I wondered if you had room in your heart or day to give it a look. For me, a stranger who has been praying for peace of mind for you since the day I first saw this blog. You don't owe me a thing dear, I want to see you in person, in heaven. You have such a beautiful way about you. You love nature as I do. You might be surprised to know but when I read my bible I always keep an eye open for what God says about His creation. And even in Genesis (the very beginning) He creates all nature and animals first !! And then the first thing He commands: for Adam to TAKE CARE of it!!! I love that! It speaks to MY heart for plants and animals Hugely. That God Himself put that FIRST. Can you tell I adore animals and nature? The more I read the bible the more shocked I was at how I saw Gods passion for His beautiful and diverse creation. I wrote this dear lady because I wondered if you ever met anyone like me. :) I never met anyone like you! So forgive me please if I felt that I needed to share today. Your dear face brings such a smile in my heart. Here is the link (along with a link to a song I thought you might just love:) :
    Hmmm I can't get my link to paste so I'll try and copy it out:
    And the song:
    JJ Heller - What Love Really Means (official music video)
    [just cut and paste that @ YouTube and the video will play. :)] I had trouble getting my links to paste how odd! Much love to you Tequila!!

  4. Hi, Jenny! I do so appreciate your caring. As I told the hospice chaplain, I like to keep an open mind when it comes to spirituality. I'm pagan, and I practice earth-based, very solitary spirituality.

    If you read back in my blog a bit, you'll see that during one of my hospitalizations, a pair threatened to kill me out of their own ignorance about pagans. It was rather scary because I was so vulnerable at the time.

    I love to create prayers; probably an off-shoot of my love for writing in general.

    Your interpretation of Genesis definitely gives me something about which to think, and that is surely a gift. My oldest sister is an ordained minister, and this is surely something we could discuss. And you are right; I do very much love the creations of the Great Mother and the Great Father.

    Take care, sweet Jenny. I appreciate your giving soul.

  5. Fay, Dr. Ramaswamy increased the dosage on a couple of my drugs, so I am definitely feeling better!

  6. Hello there dear Tequila,

    I want you to know I've been praying about you for days and days. I hope that isn't too odd. I've connected you in my mind with my sweet friend whose husband has been diagnosed as incurable with cancer of the liver. That is one reason you keep coming to mind, the other is our shared love of nature and animals. : ) Most people just do not 'get' how much I appreciate God's magnificent creation and I just 'know' you get it, which makes me smile.

    Today I was thinking about how you are in a place of honor, I will try and explain why: I think I read that you believe that the soul is eternal. Not 100% sure you said that but I think you said you 'feel that the soul continues'... something along those lines. Anyhow, since the soul is eternal, I got the thought in my head that you are nearing the step into eternity. And that is why I was thinking of your position as one of 'honor'. I also think this blog was an awesome idea, it is best to face fear and not hide from it. You began this blog to fight fear and I think that it is serving it's purpose, this is what seems to be happening anyhow. Which I must say, inspires me. So, you are readying the step into eternity, that thought is echoing in my mind as I pray.

    I want to address what happened to you with those maniacs that were your 'caregivers', I hope you won't mind. There are people who think things that are simply insane-twisted-contorted-absolute perversions of what they think they are supposed to believe. This is the result of ignorance, in it's most repulsive form. I am ashamed of humanity when I see it in this light. I am not sure I could have masked my horror, outrage and disgust if I was in any way connected to this situation. I know I can not as I write this morning. This is the outcome of people who 'follow' and follow blindly. You will never find this in a person who is filled with the Holy Spirit. I am sorry if that is hokey language to you. What I mean is, if someone actually reads a Bible for themselves, from cover to cover and is 'born again' (not that you need to read the bible cover to cover to be born again) this would not be in their behavior, unless they ignored everything they learned and 'followed' a religious leader (into sin) whose bent was a perverse blasphemy of God's True message. I guess anyone could see that I abhor this kind of madness, I blame this kind of insanity utterly and completely on the laziness of humankind, the types who go around spouting what they've swallowed second hand. Not those who read a bible alone with God but those who believe what a man or woman has told them, because these leaders sound like they know what they are talking about, they can deceive the ignorant masses. My last thought on this is: If they thought that you were going into eternity, to hell, why on earth would they rush that? They completely-utterly missed God's boundless love for our souls. Would they not instead break their hearts trying to share with you the way into eternal peace, bliss and joy to meet God in Heaven because of what Christ has done??! I conclude then, that they must have been in total darkness in regard to the clear message of the gospel. I only wish I could apologize for them.

    You lovely dear, I wanted to write so much more but have to leave my thoughts at this because I have more to say than I have time this morning. I want you to know you have made a wonderful impression on me and I smile more because of you. : ) May God bless and keep you.

    Lots of love,


    PS Did you get a chance to see those links I shared? I wondered.



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